North Eastern Whippet Society

  Encouraging responsible breeding, ownership & exhibition of pedigree whippets throughout the North East & Cumbria


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Club History

NEWS was registered with the Kennel Club in 1987 to cater for Whippet breeders and exhibitors in the North East area. The Club was granted Championship Status in 1992 and held its first Championship Show that year.

Specific objectives have remained unchanged since the Club’s formation and it continues to serve and promote the breed throughout the North East & Cumbria by:


§  Encouraging responsible breeding and ownership of pedigree Whippets


§  Encouraging the exhibition of pedigree Whippets


§  Providing opportunities for education in canine matters.


The Club meets these objectives primarily by holding two shows each year; an Open show every March/April and a Championship show each November. Both of these shows are very well supported by Whippet breeders and exhibitors throughout the UK, not just those resident in the North East & Cumbria; and have established themselves as firm fixtures in the calendars of most serious exhibitors. Through our judges sub-committee we aim to support those judges that we feel will do the most to preserve and promote the integrity of the breed; and we continue to support up and coming specialist judges by giving them the opportunity to award Challenge Certificates in the breed for the first time.


We also regularly hold breed seminars and teach-ins, which have historically been well supported. 


Since its inception the Club has gone from strength to strength and currently has in excess of 100 members and 20 life members. Our financial position remains healthy, which will enable us to invest more in furthering our objectives during the next 20 years and beyond.

Whippet Breed Characteristics

Extract taken from the Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards:

"There can be few breeds with more delightful charm than the dainty Whippet. Size tends to vary in different countries, although the standard requires an animal standing around the 20-inch mark, but no matter the size, the essence is in the balance of muscularity with neatness, power with elegance. Carrying a short, fine coat, cleanliness is the Whippet's hallmark and it is easy to get him tidy enough for the house within a very short time after returning from a country walk in winter.

The description of his temperament in the official standard, 'gentle and affectionate', is a considerable understatement; he has a true love for the company of mankind and is equally at home in castle or cottage. Light enough to pick up when necessary, but spirited enough to spend a long day on exercise, with a tremendous turn of speed over short distances, he represents one of the most deservingly popular of all the sporting dogs"

This a true reflection of this super little dog we are all proud to own. In the show ring, none of us mind not winning a prize because we certainly take home the best prize of all - our whippets!